Jack and Emma

Dromquinna Manor,
Co. Kerry

In the quaint and historic town of Kenmare, a couple with ties to Ireland through the bride’s heritage chose this scenic spot for their wedding, blending tradition with their unique love story. Friends and family flew in, ready to celebrate a love that spanned continents, all gathered in a place deeply meaningful to the bride.

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Their day began in an awe-inspiring church in Kenmare, where excitement and a touch of Irish charm filled the air. This venerable building, rich in stories, welcomed one more as the couple exchanged vows, marking a beautiful new chapter in a town that bridged their past with the present.

The bridal party, with eight bridesmaids in sleek black, added an air of sophistication to the festivities. Their laughter and joy were captured in a lively photo session at Dromquinna Manor, a venue renowned for its stunning landscapes and luxurious ambiance. The couple also enjoyed a serene photo shoot by the water, a moment of quiet connection amidst the day’s excitement.

As the day turned to evening, the celebrations moved to the renowned culinary delights of Dromquinna, known for its exceptional dining experience. The energy shifted to the dance floor post-dinner, where the band set the tone for an unforgettable night. The dance floor buzzed with energy, a testament to the couple’s fun-loving spirit and the joy of their guests.

This wedding was a heartfelt nod to the bride’s Irish roots and a celebration of their journey together, set against the picturesque backdrop of Kenmare and the elegance of Dromquinna Manor. It was a blend of casual elegance and heartfelt moments, encapsulating the couple’s essence and the joyous union of two families.

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